Monday, February 23, 2009

Better late than never

So I've been meaning to get these pictures posted for awhile now...I'm not such a fan of blogging "out of order" but things kept coming up and our fun Valentine's Day "party" kept getting pushed to the back burner. I finally have a few spare minutes, the pictures uploaded and nothing else to do - hooray.
The Thursday before Valentine's Day was so much fun. I hosted a little get together for Carter and his friends Andrew and Gracie. Some cards were made and exchanged, yummy pretzel chocolate treats were assembled and heart cookies decorated. It really was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy the activities.

Making heart shaped pretzel chocolate yummies that Lindsey brought. The kids were intensely working on unwrapping their Hershey kisses.

Andrew was all about the cookies - he did a wonderful job!

Gracie loved the frosting...she probably ingested more sugar at this one sitting than she did all week. So fun to have a little girl added into our play dates!

Carter couldn't wait to get his hands on the sprinkles. He'd been asking for them all morning, but once he shook a few on his cookies, he was done.

Sarah brought over these great cards for the kids to make.

How cute are they? I wish I would have gotten a group shot before Gracie left, but the babies were still sleeping. Next time.

Kennedy and Lauren were none too pleased that they napped through the festivities - maybe next year, girls!

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