Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where were you at 3 AM?

Well, if you were my wonderfully amazing, fantastically unselfish husband, you were standing in line, outside on a frigid 30 degree night, to enroll Carter in preschool. Yep, preschool. Who knew people literally camped out to ensure their 3 and 4 year old children a spot?!? Craziness. But we had been warned of this madness, so Kyle decided he'd get up in the wee hours of the night and brave the freezing cold. Arriving a bit after 3 AM, you'd think he'd be first, second or heck even third in'd be wrong. He was 15th and so we're not even guaranteed our first choice. (Seeing as how there are only 8 spots in the class that we'd like for Carter, we're hoping the first 14 people had older children or wanted different days/times) But, Carter will definitely be in one the classes and hopefully will learn and thrive at this special place. Just another reminder of why I so dearly love my husband. Thank you, Sweetie.

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