Monday, May 30, 2011


My little guy is did that happen? I had a very difficult time accepting Carter's birthday this year. It seemed like such a big milestone - gone is any trace of baby or toddler, my boy is 5! He's always been an 'old soul' but it was hard to admit that he really was getting older. He's grown and changed so much over the past year. He's reading, riding his bike well (with training wheels, of course), swimming like a fish, playing tee ball and really trying to assert his Independence. He's strong willed and emotional, smart and attentive, kind and thoughtful at times and silly all the time. He is a great student and gets along well with his classmates. He loves his friends and is already trying to act "cool". He can be overly dramatic and has developed a propensity for potty talk (which is maddening beyond belief), but regardless of his quirks or naughty behavior, I am so proud of him and love him more than I ever dreamed possible. They years continue to go faster and fasted and I find myself wishing, on his fifth birthday, that I could push 'pause' and just savior this youthful innocence of my sweet son. What an amazing blessing God has given us!

We started the week of celebrations with a small family party at Grandma and Papa's. Of course, Carter was spoiled and loved all of the attention. He requested Grandma's famous 3 layer chocolate cake and his favorite foods, steak and shrimp :) He's a very lucky boy to be loved by so many!

Sitting at the head of the table - a special treat

Happy birthday dear Carter, happy birthday to you!

Blowing out his special "CARTER" candles. Aren't those great? Auntie Val found those for the birthday boy.

Birthday celebration at school - not only did he get a birthday crown and special treats, but he got to do all the classroom jobs, which was a big deal.

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