Monday, April 23, 2012

Carter is 6!

Happy 6th Birthday, Carter!

Carter's birthday fun started off with breakfast in bed.  He had requested cinnamon rolls and fruit, which was thankfully very simple to put together.  I really think eating in his bed was one of the high points of the day for him.  He was so excited...I think it was a mix of doing something new and different and also getting to break the rules a bit.  What fun!

We sang 'happy birthday'

and he was happy

thrilled, really

After we all got ready, we had a few minutes to spare before his party started.  He was dying to open a few presents, so we decided it would be okay to open a few from us and some from Nana.  It was actully nice to spread it out, as we tend to go a little overboard with gifts.  Each year I try hard to reign it in, and I do think this year was better.  I am just realizing that they don't need so much stuff.  I'd rather spend our money on experiences and special things like that.  I'm making progress.

the anticipation was killing him
what could it be?

a beyblade stadium, something that was at the top of his wishlist

A few more gifts after his party
I can't begin to explain how much this boy loves Alvin and the Chipmunks.  He now has all three movies and he just laughs and laughs each and every time he watches them. 

After a little rest that afternoon, we headed to Red Robin for a fun birthday dinner.
Everyone was tired after a busy day, but we had a good time.

My six year old boy
Looking so big and grown up

We got Kennedy out of her pajamas with a promise of a little ice cream

Excited (and a little shy) about being serenaded by the wait staff
It's always fun to see his reaction

A happy birthday, indeed

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