Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break - part 1

Since Kyle needed to be in Spokane for work during the kids' spring break, we decided to go with him and visit our dear friends and former neighbors, the Molendas.
The kids were so excited to be back with Brock and Johnny!  They played really well together and it was a great visit.  Anne and I were able to relax and talk a lot, starting each morning with cups of coffee and ending each night with a little wine.  It was so nice to have a change of pace (and scenery) and enjoy time with friends.  We so appreciate their hospitality!
How cute are they?
Do you see the sweetness between Brock and Kennedy?  I can not begin to explain how wonderful Brock is with our little one.  He's nearly nine years old, but he catered to Kennedy's whims, treating her so gently and kindly.  And Kennedy ate it up.  She made the comment, towards the end of our trip, that she loved her family but that she really loved Brock.  She was by his side the entire trip!

The weather was decent for part of our stay, so we took advantage and spent some time at the park.  They boys played some football, used Brock's metal detector to hunt for treasure and had water balloon tosses with some neighbors.

Kennedy enjoyed the swings

Pajama time
I will admit that we were a little lazy at times, letting the kids play video games or watch tv or just lounge around in their pajamas.  It was spring break and it was ok to break some of our normal rules.  Carter stayed up late, played like crazy and loved every minute it!

Brock, Kennedy, Johnny and Carter
We went out to dinner one night at a great pub/pizza place.  The boys had been at various sporting practices before hand, so everyone ate well and then we headed home to bed!

One afternoon, we headed to downtown Spokane and went to their local children's museum.  It just so happened to be in the basement of their mall, so we snuck in a little shopping too.  Good thing Lent was nearly over!

Kennedy found the craft area, naturally.  And managed to keep herself busy making paperbag princess puppets.

There was a dirt and water area (eek!) that Carter bravely tried out.  Anne had to laugh at how he was fully covered and really didn't like it...Can you tell from this picture that he's bothered by the dirt on his hands?   I would be too, Carter.

The afternoon ended with a trip to Ben & Jerry's for a yummy ice cream cone.
A great trip!

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  1. Uh-Oh...does Andrew have competition for Kennedy's affections? :) So glad you had such a nice spring break and were able to be together as a family. It looks like you had a great time!