Saturday, April 21, 2012

Batters up!

We kicked off the baseball season last week with two games. 
This year, Carter is playing coach pitch and is really enjoying himself.  We've had three games, and it's impressive to see the boys' improvement already.  It's a drastic change from tee ball last year.  The boys are throwing better, catching better and the whole game just moves along at a more bearable pace.

Our little baller

Carter and Andrew

First attempt
He went 1 for 3 his first game (they bring out the tee after 3 pitches by the coach) and I was afraid that he'd be upset.  But he wasn't bothered at all.  He's so innocently confident and knew that other boys used the tee too.  As a parent, I wanted so badly for him to do well, but I realized that it really doesn't matter to him.  As long as he's out there playing, he's having fun.  Isn't that great?
After a little batting practice with Dad (they headed to the park and used real baseballs), Carter went 2 for 3 the next game and 3 for 3 during the third game.  He's had a couple of great hits!

Kennedy and Lauren
Oh these two are something else...such sweet and silly friends.
Lauren really is Kennedy's best friend and they play so well together. 
I'm thankful they have each other.

Getting serious

Playing first base
He's played this position twice and has been able to get two outs so far.

Taking a turn as catcher.
I'll be honest and say this probably won't be Carter's best position.  He pretty much sat on his knees and waited for the ball to come to him.  I don't think he realized that he needed to stand up and move to the ball.  Entertaining at least.

It's shaping up to be a good season.  He has a few friends on the team and many of the parents seem nice.  The coaches are a little more intense, but I think that's what you get as you move up in age. 
As long as he's having fun, we'll keep at it.
We're proud of you, Carter!

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