Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Egg Hunt

Sometimes I wish we lived in a climate where we could wear cute Easter dresses and seersucker shorts for our egg hunts, instead of fleece and rain boots.  This year, however, was a beautiful, sunshiny day for our annual neighborhood egg hunt.  The morning started off cold, but the sun was shining, so it kind of felt like we had won the jackpot!

A few tortured pictures before we headed off down the street...I often wonder how the kids will describe me when they are older and I have to believe that they will mention the constant camera in my hands.

Ready to hunt for some eggs!

We picked up two more on our walk down the street!
Nate and Olivia joined the kids as we headed for the hunt.

Excited for the whistle to blow

Patiently waiting

I'm not sure if it was because Easter fell on a weekend of spring break, but there were very few kids this year so there was an abundance of eggs for everyone.  Both kids had over flowing baskets...

And Carter took to stuffing eggs in his jacket pockets and pants. 
I would have probably tried to deter this behavior had it not been for the small turnout.  I figured someone had to clean up all those eggs, so it might as well be the kids!

This is serious business, folks.
Carter was the big winner and collected 5 eggs with dollars inside.  I'd say it was a fairly successful egg hunt

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