Saturday, April 21, 2012

Muffins with Mommy

We had a special little day at Kennedy's school last week.  We were both so excited to attend 'Muffins with Mommy,' especially since Kennedy had to miss Donuts with Daddy last month.  These are big days in a three year old's life and I was so happy to share it with her.
I think I was just as excited as Kennedy.  She asked that I wear a dress, too.  This little one loves dresses.  I didn't have a dress that I thought would work, so we made due with a skirt.
Very excited for our special morning

Carter was our photographer for the morning, since Daddy was out of town.  I think he did a great job!  I've really got to learn a bit more about photography, though, because I am always getting shadows and such in my pictures.

The moms are asked to join the class for the last hour of the day, so that there aren't tears when we have to leave.
We started off our time together with a little craft.

Kennedy drew me and I drew her...she loves to craft and worked intently on her picture.  I had to laugh that she gave me green hair and purple eyes.  We're still working on fine motor skills :)

Getting a glimpse of their day - we got to join the class for circle time.

Kennedy and her cute classmates getting ready to sing a couple of songs that they had been practicing.  Kennedy gets so shy during things like this.  She did sing, albeit quietly, and was so proud.
She decorated a cute plate and was so proud to give it to me. 
It was a special day with my girl.

The day before, I helped prepare the 325+ muffins that were needed for this event.  It was actually really fun and now I can say that I've made muffins from scratch, too.
Baking and enjoying the company of sweet friends, Shannon and Kathy
325 muffins, 6 women and 2 hours - impressive!

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  1. Baking really was a lot of fun. :) I thought I'd let you know the shadows are just from using your flash indoors...I don't know enough about how to fix it...I think though using an external flash and bouncing it off the ceiling is supposed to help but I haven't figured all of that out yet. I'm also wondering if you stand further away from a wall if it would help. Indoor photos without a flash are so challenging here because we have so little natural light~ especially when it isn't seems we're stuck with indoor/flash/shadowed photos. At least until we convince Kyle and Dan that we really need fancy new equipment. :)