Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with my iPhone

I have finally joined the masses and have an iPhone.  I am even texting (gasp!), can you believe it?  We still don't have a texting plan, so I use is sparingly, but it just seems like the way that people are communicating these days.  And what can I say, I tend to follow the trends.

I've enjoyed taking pictures with my phone and find it to be a lot easier than lugging our camera around.  Here are some pictures from the week - InstaFriday we can call it.  (a few other blogs that I follow do this, in various ways, and I've always thought it would be fun)

Kennedy and I went to a local bagel shop for lunch last week
Some art from school was on display and they had given all of the children a little gift certificate.  After a morning at the mall, we had a fun lunch together.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day with my girl!

Kyle and I enjoyed 24 hours kid free, courtesy of Ken and Diane.  They took the kids to Cirque Du Soleil and Kyle and I took advantage of it.  We enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, watched a movie, went to church and then sat out on the deck at Who Songs and just talked.  It was FABULOUS!  We both felt refreshed and reconnected.

A beer at Cinetopia before our movie

After church on Sunday we headed to the river (with the rest of Vancouver!) and enjoyed some drinks out on the patio soaking up every second of the sun.  It was funny to see people grabbing for umbrellas or fanning themselves...I wanted to be hot.  It felt like we needed to fill up our tanks with as much sunshine as we possibly could!

a giant margarita
it was delicious!

Carter played at Estella's house on Monday after school.  It was another gorgeous day, so they played outside, sprayed each other with the hose and ate Popsicles.  Carter didn't want to come home.

I worked all week, during the day, which is not normal for us.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  I think it was a combination of knowing that it was only for five days and just feeling "normal" again.  Although I enjoyed my time at work, it was so wonderful to come home and to be greeted by my loving littles.  They were extra huggy and said how much they missed me.  It was nice.  Very nice.

And here is where I spent the majority of my time this week.
I was learning new instrumentation at work, so I spent the week in training.

Lots and lots of tubes
Each of these donor tubes represents up to five life-saving blood products.
I'm proud of the work that we do at the Red Cross.

Kennedy and Carter spent Wednesday out in Hillsboro with Grandma and Papa
They had a lot of fun and
Kennedy was tuckered out.
She fell asleep during the car ride home and we tried to wake her...this is how far we got.
Our sweet Jake was watching over her as she slept.

LEGOS!  Carter received lots of Lego sets for his birthday so many nights have been spent building and constructing.
Oh Carter.
Today Carter was asked to go to his room for a little quiet time and this is how I found him...
reading one of my magazines - In Style - trying to read the words and enjoying the pictures.  
Funny stuff

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  1. Fun post, Katie! I'm glad your week at work went well - I totally get how nice it is to walk in after a day at work and be loved on by your kids (and know you didn't have to do it this way all the time). It feels good to be missed! You and Kyle's weekend looks lovely!