Monday, May 14, 2012

man's best friend

We have a good dog.  A great dog.  He was our first born, yet he's often the one who is neglected now a days.  He's walked a little less, left home alone a little more but is still a beloved member of our family.
We found Jake as a little puppy, the runt of his litter, sickly with kennel cough and a skin issue and we instantly knew that he was the dog for us.  Thankfully the shelter was near a Petsmart, so we made a mad dash to the store and bought every possible piece of dog paraphernalia that we could find.  We were ready.  He was a great trial run for kids.
He has always been a great dog - a crazy, energetic puppy who has grown into a greying, mellow middle-ager.   A sweet dog who is always gentle around the kids.  He loves them too.
I'm not totally sure what prompted me to write a post about Jake, but I think it's because one night as I was heading up to bed, this is what I found...
There he lies, in between the two closed doors of my sleeping little loves.  Keeping them safe.
Before the kids were born, Jake always slept in our room, but now he moves from spot to spot upstairs so that he is near us all.  He is a good dog.  I feel safer with him around.

Our three

The biggest kid

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  1. Oh Katie, the tears were rolling after reading this post about your sweet Jake. Treasure him. Treasure each moment. He is such a lucky dog to be such a loved member of your family.
    I remember the days when I too thought that our Edgar was being put on the back burner because of our hectic life with children, work, and just, life. We kept saying we would walk him more or do more things with him. We always made time for an ear scratch or a pat, but oh what I would give for just one more day to rub those silky ears and have him spin, spin, spin and plunk down in my lap. Please, make the time now. Trust me, you will thank yourself later.
    Hugs, Jess