Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day - part 2

Our wonderful day continued after brunch, as we changed clothes and headed out to explore the grounds around the lodge.  Kyle and I had done the three loops when we stayed here four years ago and thought that they would be fun (and easy) with the kids.
We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to be outside!
We decided on the 2(ish) mile Lake Loop Trail
It's pretty much flat, but it was mostly shaded, and we got to see some of the golf course and two pretty lakes.  It was perfect!
Setting out
It felt good to get moving and work off all of that food!

This one loves to be outside

being silly
but aren't they cute?  love my boys!
this is a picture of genuine happiness

making a wish

it's amazing to me that we look nothing alike
at least with my mom,  you can tell we are related...I wonder if this will change as Kennedy grows up?

thumbs up!

we hunted for golf balls
and found 6!

found several bat boxes and this one had a bat in it - exciting stuff!

oh, how she's growing!

I had to include this one, because there is such a funny story behind it, and I didn't want to forget it.
Carter wanted to race me, so I agreed.  Kyle is always teasing me about my inability to run, so he wanted to snap a few pictures of this monumental occasion.  Once the race was over, which Carter won (and I really did try...It's pathetic!), Kyle was nearing on the ground, laughing so hard.  He couldn't actually believe that I looked so funny when I ran.  There was a series of pictures, and I will be the first to admit that they're not pretty.  There was a "Friends" episode once where Phoebe ran funny and Rachel was embarrassed to run with her - I kind of looked like that.  Good for a laugh, if nothing else!


  1. they are so lucky to have a mom like you!!

  2. Hilarious, Katie!! Thanks for letting me laugh at your expense - and good for you for racing Carter even if it was not on your list of Mother's Day activities! Sounds like a great day. I'm praying for a WOENDERFUL week together in Arizona!!