Monday, May 21, 2012

Happiest of Mother's Days

This year's Mother's Day could not have been a more perfect definitely ranks as one of the very best days!  The weather was gorgeous, we had a nice morning at church and then enjoyed a fabulous afternoon up at Skamania Lodge.  Delicious brunch, tasty champagne, great company, gorgeous scenery, a fun hike and best of all - a special day with the people who I love most.  What more could I ask for?

(I had to separate into two posts, because I took so many pictures - another gift, I assure you!)

Carter and Kennedy were so excited to present their gifts to me...they had a hard time waiting until Sunday morning.  Kennedy wanted so badly to tell me what she had made, but she knew it was supposed to be a secret.  She managed to make it the entire week (her gift came home on Tuesday!) and was very proud of herself.
Two beautiful, homemade pictures that I will truly treasure. 
(wish I would have thought to take pictures after opening them)

There's nothing I'd rather be than "mommy" to these two 

I was so proud of them for humoring me with lots of photos before church
So often this turns into a time of frustration and tears...they were very willing subjects and for that I was grateful.

Our attempt at a family picture

Carter made me a very special necklace in Sunday school and wanted so badly to surprise me at brunch with the gift.  Kennedy kind of ruined the surprised by grabbing it out of his pocket, but this way I got to wear it all day!

I am blessed

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma

The Phelan Family

Carter, Kennedy and Brady

Carter has taken to snapping pictures too, and he does a pretty good job. 
I had to include this one, because I look as happy as I felt.
Even having to wait over an hour and a half past our reservation time couldn't dampen my spirits.  
It was a perfect day.
Thank you, Kyle, for making me feel so loved!


  1. What a wonderful Mother's day! So glad it was such a lovely day and you felt cherished and celebrated ~ you so deserve it. Love the photo/story of you running. My favorite part. :)

  2. Gorgeous family. What a blessed day to honor all you are and do for your family. Carter may have a gift with the camera! :)