Saturday, May 19, 2012

catching up

Our month has been busy...between baseball, Mother's Day, school commitments and trying hard to organize life a bit, there hasn't been a lot of time dedicated to our blog.  I've been trying to snap pictures with my phone when I can think about it. 
So, here is a look at what we've been up to this month:

Playing with Brady at Grandma and Papa's house
Papa made a house out of a furniture box - the little ones had lots of fun playing outside with it in the sunshine.
Taking a ride in the wagon - it's fun to pass along special toys and clothes to Brady.
We have been having the most beautiful spring weather these past several weeks, and I'm loving it!  I think we are all a bit happier when we can get outside to play.
Our small group at church:
The Vohs', Phelans, Grices, Zeamers (thanks for the photo, Kathy!), Borreviks and Carolus'
We joined this group back in October, and it has been such a wonderful experience.  There are six couples and 18 (!) kids and it has given us a fabulous spiritual community.  We are different in many ways, but our time together is never short on laughter and fun.  I am so thankful for these amazing people and am grateful that we are a part of this group - knowing that we are there for one another gives such a great sense of peace.  I am looking forward to many more years of growing in faith together.
With these sunny, warm days comes ice cream!  While the car was getting an oil change, we walked over and enjoyed a yummy treat!
Carter and Brevin
One afternoon, we met up with the Pikes at our gymnastics center.  They have open gym a couple of times a week, and Carter is always begging to go.  It's been hard for him to sit and watch Kennedy having fun during her gymnastics class all year.  Although, I think it's providing a great lesson, as well, it's important to support our family and it's not always about him...that second part is harder for Carter to grasp, I'm afraid.

Kennedy and Emery

Carter's class just finished up a science unit where they studied farms.  They were fortunate to have chicken eggs in an incubator for the month and five hatched!  Five cute little chicks were welcomed into the kindergarten classroom by very excited boys and girls.  Each student got a chance to hold them - sitting on the floor just in case they fell.  The kids were so gentle and sweet, not squeezing too hard.  Carter's poor little chickie kind of jumped out of his hands and fell to the ground, but it didn't seem phased.
Kennedy wanted no part of them - wouldn't even pet them.

Carter and Ryan
Good buddies

Kennedy and Kaitlin
This month at Kennedy's school, the teachers are doing assessments with each child, so parent volunteers were needed to help supervise play time at the end of the day.  (Another photo from my thoughtful friend, Kathy, thank you!)  I love any opportunity to be in Kennedy's classroom.  These little ones are just so much fun.  I also like to see Kennedy's interactions with her classmates.  I will be honest here and say that we've really been having problems with her being nice to her friends lately.  She can be plain mean and it's more than a little scary.  Both Kyle and I think friendship is so important, and we definitely want her to show love to her friends, classmates, neighbors, etc.  I just don't know what to do.  I encourage her to use kind words but sometimes I'm so embarrassed that I simply don't know how to handle the situation.  As parents, we put so much pressure on ourselves to have "perfect" children.  While I realize that is completely unrealistic, I honestly pray that my children are loving and kind to the world around them.  Parenting is hard with Kennedy - she is a challenge, but she can also be so wonderful.  I wish I knew how to encourage that sweet side and stamp out the mean one.

Our sweet baby Sloane turned 1!  She is a doll and we love her to pieces.  It is so sad that we can't be with her to help celebrate her special day.  Happy Birthday, Sloane!  We love you.

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