Sunday, May 20, 2012

zoo trip

We Northwesters take advantage of days without even though it wasn't very warm, the kids and I made our first trip of the season to the zoo.  Carter doesn't have school every other Wednesday, so we often try to take advantage of it and plan fun things to do.  I am already getting sad thinking about Carter being in school every day, all day next year.  I've enjoyed this transitional year of kindergarten so much.
OK, back to our zoo trip...
my kids always grab a map...even though we've been to the zoo a hundred times and know where everything is, a map in hand makes it a bit more fun

Kennedy in the eagle's next

We often skip the NW trail part of the zoo, because it can get quite crowded but on a cloudy spring day we were able to move through easily and enjoy some the exhibits that we don't always see.  Our favorites were the turtles, beavers and eagles.

we always stop at the farm exhibit - great photo ops and the kids love to climb and play

The lions were sleeping but they were still one of my favorite stops - they are so beautiful and majestic

We ran into a classmate of Carter's (he is an only child, so his mom happily joined up with us).  The kids had a wonderful time playing with a new friend and it made our time at the zoo even more fun.

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