Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

It's almost impossible to believe, but Kennedy finished up her first year of preschool the week before Memorial Day.  (Wait, that's not entirely true...her last day, and end of the year singing program, took place while we were in Arizona on vacation.  Oops.  I really must look more closely at the calendar when making plans!  Good thing we have one more year.)
Overall, I would definitely say that Kennedy had a great first year of school.  She loved her teacher, Miss Laura, made sweet friends in class and learned a lot.  She is less concerned with learning but has made significant progress this year.
Before looking at these pictures, I wouldn't have thought she changed much over the last nine months, but wow, she has grown!
Her hair is darker and thicker and she looks so grown trace of baby left.  
On her end of the year "evaluation" (our school is definitely not academically rigorous and there wasn't much end of the year testing), Kennedy was able to name all her colors and shapes, identify several letters and a few number and can count to 30.  She knows her body parts and was given "stars" for all of the social aspects.  We will continue to work on writing her name over the summer, as she has a way to go.  Her teacher had sweet things to say about her and even commented that she might be a good teacher one day, as she always likes to help others with their work.  We are very proud of you, Miss K!

Here she was on her first day of school in September

Kennedy's last day fell on "fun day".  Fun day is a day that the parents put on and each classroom is assigned an area and a theme.  This year's general theme was "Carnival Cruise," so each room picked a different area of the world.  Our room was Brazil and we used lots of bright colors and tried to bring a little Carnival to Circle of Friends.  
Kennedy was very excited.   She chose a ladybug at the face painting station, made a fun, feathered mask, jumped in bouncy houses, did the hula and came a way with a bag full of goodies.  It was a fun day, in deed.

Not the best picture, but this was simply the sweetest moment between friends.  This was Lyla coming in for a hug and a kiss to say good bye.  I am so thankful that they will be in the same class together again next year.  She is such a doll.


Kennedy and Miss Laura
I cannot say enough great things about Miss Laura.  She has been such a wonderful teacher for both kids and we adore her.

To celebrate a successful year of school, the kids and I went to Menchies, a near by frozen yogurt shop.  They were in heaven!
More toppings than yogurt, I assure you.

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