Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Arizona 2012

We've been home nearly a week from our wonderful trip to Arizona, but between unpacking, laundry, work and day to day activities, I am just getting around to getting all of our pictures uploaded and edited.  This is the first chance that I've had to sit down and organize our memories from our vacation.  And truly, it felt like a vacation.  I think this is the first time since we've had kids that both Kyle and I felt like it was a true vacation.  Life is simply easier now that the kids are a little bibs and highchairs when eating out, no cribs to assemble and move, no naps to schedule around and no diapers!  This was the first time that we've flown without a stroller or a big, bulky car seat.  And all of it combined to make a most enjoyable trip.  The kids love being down in Arizona and we heard more than once that they would like to live there (and to be honest, after coming home to days of cold, rainy weather, moving sounds more appealing to me too :)  Everyone had a wonderful time and a lot of fun!
First day there and the kids headed straight out to the pool!

Evenings were spent enjoying the beautiful weather outside.  Carter had fun driving Pops' remote control boat.

Sugar cereal - what a treat!
When I was small, I always spent a week during the summer with my Gram.  One of my most favorite memory was going to the grocery store and choosing a special cereal.  I thought this would be a fun tradition to start with Nana and Pops, too.
The kids were thrilled
Trix for Carter (for once, he was able to easily make a decision) and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for Kennedy (her brother swayed her decision making)

Having fun and being silly
There is something about warm weather and sunshine that just brings out the happiness!

Swimming, swimming, 

and more swimming!
The kids couldn't get enough of pool and swam several times each day.

Movie Date
Nana and I took the kiddos to the movies to see Happy Feet 2 while Daddy and Pops were golfing.
The movie was cute and the kids had a great time.

More swimming!

More fun at Tumbleweed Park - our trip to Arizona is an annual tradition and we always try to make at least one trip out to Tumbleweed Park.  We attempted a visit on the first day, but after getting up at 4:45am to catch our flight, Kennedy fell asleep in the car and missed play time.
So we went back...and had a ball!

Fun, fun times in sunny Arizona!

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