Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last Day of School

We have a first grader!

I can hardly believe that the school year is now over...I so vividly remember the first day of Kindergarten for Carter and all of my mixed emotions that went with it!  The year flew by quickly and now Carter is headed for 1st grade!
This year was a succesful one for Carter - he made wonderful friends (an answer to many prayers, I assure you!), lost two teeth, improved his reading and writing skills, loved every minute of PE and recess and overall enjoyed this first year of school.
His teacher, Mrs. Young, had very positive comments for him on his report card.  She commended his enthusiasm for learning and praised his abilities in reading and math. 
We are proud of our little man!

Looking so very grown up

And this is Carter on his first day of kindergarten, what a difference a year makes!
The only moment of apprehension on his part that very first day...look how far you've come, Carter.
We are so proud of the effort that you made to be a good friend and a good student this year.  We love you so much!
Mrs. Young
Carter's teacher was a very sweet woman with a lot of patience.  She spoke with a Mary Poppins-esque accent and was definitely a little old school (which for the most part, I like).  She set and maintained high expectations for the children in her classroom and that certainly helped keep things calm.  She was out for six weeks during the fall with a knee replacement and it was amazing to see the difference between her classroom management skills and those of the first year substitute.  The kids paid attention to her and respected her rules.
The kindergarten teachers play a significant role in determining the kids' placement for next year.  I have faith that she knows Carter well enough to put him in a classroom where he can continue to grow and succeed.

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