Monday, June 18, 2012

{a great season} - baseball wrap up

Carter wrapped up a great season of baseball last week - he really seemed to enjoy his team, loved the opportunity to play with his friends and improved a lot from last year.  He had the chance to pitch during one  inning (even though it was coach pitch, they allowed the boys to pitch a few towards the end of the season) and he did an amazing job.  Of course it was the one game when I didn't have my camera, but we got a few snapshots from a friends phone that I will post soon.  I was so nervous when he stepped up to the pitchers mound - he was so serious and I knew he would be upset if he didn't do well.  I should not have worried...his comment when the game was over, "Mom, I did so great at pitching!  I struck everyone out, well except the boy that I hit, but he didn't move fast enough."  Ha!  I don't need to worry about self confidence with this one!  He really enjoyed pitching and was a little sad that he only got to do it once.
He really did a good job, and we were very proud of him.
Carter - 6 years old

Warming up before the last game.

His good buddy, Andrew, got to pitch during the last game (he was thrilled!) and Carter played first base.  They had a few good outs and were so pumped up.
It's so fun watching the grow and play together.

Lauren and Kennedy

Andrew to Carter and the runner is out!

Intent on making it to first base

Carter was the last to bat and they just let all the boy run the bases.  The catcher had the ball and was just waiting for Carter to head home - he made a weak attempt at avoiding the tag, but you can tell he was having fun. 

Getting his trophy

Andrew and Carter

Way to go Carter-Man!
We are so proud of you and your hard work this season.

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