Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Parade of Planets - Kennedy's Gymnastics

A few weeks back, the gymnastics center, where Kennedy has been taking a weekly class all year, hosted a morning showcase to highlight the skills that the kids have been working on in their classes.  It was an hour long and there was a list of things to complete while parents got to follow around with their cameras.  Kennedy loves her gymnastics class and I've always felt it was an activity that was perfectly suited to her personality.  Daddy got to take her, so she was extra excited to show him all of her tricks.  

Our little monkey on the parallel bars

On the big beam
It's funny how at times Kennedy is absolutely fearless and then there are other times where she is timid and full of hesitation.  You just never know which girl is going to show up in different situations.

I will never tire of looking at that smile...when it's real, it can light up the world!

More monkey business!

At the end of the hour, there was a little presentation where the children got to stand up on little podiums and receive a certificate and ribbon...Kennedy refused to go up to the front.  Kyle had to laugh while telling the story - he had pushed his way to the front of the parental crowd so that he could make sure to get a few good pictures and then Kennedy just sat on the floor, chewing on her fingers and looking like she was being tortured, there was no way she was going to move.  Good times!

We are so proud of you, Sister and we love you very much!

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  1. Oh. My. She is seriously adorable! So buff looking in her little outfit. I could see her really excelling in this type of activity. FUN!