Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arizona 2012 - Family Fun

I took a ton of pictures during our trip to Arizona, so I'm afraid I'll have to split them up into multiple posts.  
During our time, we were able to get together with my brother and his family twice.  We only get to see them  when we make the trip down to Arizona, so I was thankful that we had good quality time together.  Carter and Kennedy really enjoyed playing with his two youngest step children, and they all dote on Kennedy!  The weather was perfect for our BBQs and made it enjoyable to be outside...not typical for this time of year, but surely appreciated!

My sweet Mama - such a gracious hostess
(we didn't coordinate our clothes on purpose!)
She worked so hard to make our stay perfect, getting the kids' favorite foods, buying fresh salsa and chips from a local restaurant and basically doing everything she could to make it seem like a vacation.  We are so grateful to all that she does.

Carter and Tony having fun in the pool

Cindy and Kennedy
Cindy was sweet and gave Kennedy one of her stuffed cats - it has quickly become a favorite toy and she totes it around with her everywhere.  They had fun together.

Christian was here on Sunday but then left to go back to Mexico.  He is going to start college and decided to go back to Mexico to do it.  He is in the process of taking some entrance exams and will start in the fall.  He's such a sweet, soft spoken kid and I can't get enough of his smile!

Taking the opportunity to snap some photos

Mommy and her best girl!

The kids
Cindy, Christian, Tony, Carter and Kennedy

Our attempt at a family picture
Our dear family friend, Miss Betty, was kind enough to take our picture as a group.  She couldn't see anything through the viewer but still managed to take a great shot!  Thanks Betty!

Miss Betty and the kids
She is such a wonderful lady and has been a dear friend to my mom, we are lucky to have her!

We ended the evening with homemade ice cream sundaes - yum!  My mom had made a double batch of homemade ice cream and then bought every topping imaginable.  Carter had chocolate, caramel, gummy bears, peanuts, M&Ms, whip cream and a cherry on top - he was thrilled!

On Memorial Day, we headed out to my brother's house for an afternoon BBQ
Karina was off of work, so she was able to join us this time.
And the kids humored me with some more pictures.

Memorial Day 2012

My brother and I and our families

Ready to jump into the pool
My brother has a great pool, so the kids love going over to his house to swim

And more ice cream...

Kennedy and Nallely
Being the youngest of the group, Kennedy is fawned over and showered with love...she ate it up :)

We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with family this trip.  We wished we lived a little closer so that we could see them more often.

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