Sunday, June 10, 2012

Arizona 2012 - Amazing Jakes

Okay, I think I've finally managed to get through all of our vacation pictures, so this should be my last post dedicated to our Arizona trip!

One afternoon we headed to an indoor amusement park type place - think Chuck E Cheese times 10!  There were bumper cars, go carts, a bowling alley, mini golf, a small roller coaster, a few other rides and lots of games.  
kids were thrilled!  
Trying to snap a quick picture before the kids could dash away - they were so excited!

First stop - roller coaster!  
I'm a roller coaster gal, I love fast rides that loop upside down and zoom up and down and all around.  This ride, however, was not a real was more a go around and around and around and then reverse directions and go around some more.  No thank you!  I don't do anything spinney like - I'm not sure if it is my old age or what, but any ride that spins in circles leaves me feeling very sick.  Bleh.
Thankfully my children have other dedicated people in their lives who love them and are willing to suffer for their enjoyment.  
Daddy and Nana braved the endless circling...Kyle was feeling a little green when it was all said and done, but after a quick soda he was okay.

Again, tea cups.  I shudder at the thought, but Kennedy and Nana had a ball!


Unfortunately Carter wasn't tall enough to drive, but he seemed to enjoy riding along with Daddy.

bumper cars

definitely more my style - Carter and I had a blast and my dad couldn't stop laughing at me.  I'm kind of terrible when it comes to driving things at amusement parks - he loves to tell the story of our first trip to Disneyland when I attempted to drive at Autotopia.  According to him it's the only time, ever, when Disney employees weren't friendly and happy.  I was a disaster!  And this bumper car experience wasn't a whole lot better, I just couldn't figure out how to get the cars to go in the direction that I wanted, so I was running into walls backwards or moving left when I wanted to go right.  Super.  Fun none the less.

Kennedy and Nana on the Hopper

A little more golf

And here is when our visit went down hill.  Fast.  Remember how I told you I don't do well with spinning things...well, somehow that sweet face of Kennedy's was too much for me and I agreed to go on the roller coaster, after dinner.  Not a good move on my part.  I was feeling pretty sick for the rest of the night and ended up going to bed at 7:30 with the kids.  Sleeping was the only thing that relieved my suffering!  So Kennedy, when you are a teenager and think that I do nothing for you or aim to make your life miserable, please remember this day and know that I always try to make you happy!

Ice cream!
A little dessert before we left

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