Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arizona 2012 - Our little golfer!

Carter had been dying to go golfing with Pops and Daddy and we decided that he was old enough to give it a try this year.  We had talked about it (at great lengths!) before we got to Arizona and he was so excited.  My dad found a great cub course, which had mostly par 3s, and was perfect for beginning golfers.  They left bright and early on Tuesday morning with the expectation of playing 9 holes.  Well, they had such a wonderful time that they ended up playing a full round of 18.  Carter was on cloud nine and couldn't talk fast enough to tell me everything that had happened during their golf adventure...he hit farther than Daddy and Pops twice, unfortunately, he hit so far that his ball was nearly on the road.  He still needs to work on finesse, because at this point it's all about how far he can hit the ball.  They played off the blue and red tees, as well.  Kyle had to judge about how far Carter would hit it and then he chose a starting tee from there.  Carter insisted on using his driver on every hole, so he tended to overshoot the green if they didn't back up.  Since his trip to a real course, he's been itching to get back out there.  Hopefully some trips to the driving range and another session of lessons this summer will help tide him over.
I'm so proud of you, Carter Man!
(I can testify that golfing is hard!)

Driving the cart was definitely a highlight

Carter and Pops

My little man - looking so grown up

Our golfer

Daddy and Carter
Bear Creek - Arizona 2012

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