Monday, June 25, 2012

Field Day Fun

Carter's school hosted a big field day for the kids towards the end of school.  The theme was "wacky olympics" and there were 20 events for the kids to choose from.  I had volunteered to help, so I was manning a station (the rubber chicken relay - which was hilarious to watch!), so I didn't get to see much of Carter during the morning.  But I managed to snap a few pictures.  Thankfully the rain held off and the kids were able to enjoy all of the outdoor activities.  There were various relays (some with water), pool noodle javelin toss, soccer, hockey, basketball, limbo, etc.   The highlight of the day was getting a Popsicle at the end. 
first field day
kindergarten June 2012

The kids had to use chopsticks to pick up a rubber chicken then run around a cone and back and pass off to their classmates.  

The tug-of-war was a huge hit!  
The line was so long for this event and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.
(It was right across the field from where I was, so I was able to run over a capture a few pictures)
Carter was pumped that they won!

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