Friday, March 2, 2012

School Showcase

Last week we attended a "showcase" night at Grass Valley.  It was an evening designed for the kids to show their parents some of the projects that they have been working on in class.  They also gave a short performance of a song that they had been working on for the past month in music.  The evening was a bit chaotic, but it was organized chaos, and I could tell that Carter enjoyed showing everything to us.

We arrived in his classroom and were able to look through a pack of work related to their unit on the heart.  (It was February after all)  We also wandered around a bit and admired artwork and things posted on the walls.
Oh and there was a giant cow heart on display.  Not quite sure how I felt about that.  On one hand, it's great for the children to explore and learn - seeing how big it was proved to be fascinating.  On the other hand, there were nearly 50 kids walking through the class and it did seem like an easy way to spread germs and bacteria.  Bleh.  Thankfully plastic bags were provided to cover little hands and sanitizer and a hand washing sink were close.  I was a little surprised that Carter wanted to touch it.  His first thought, "it's so cold."  There was also a small chicken heart off the side, but it certainly didn't get the same attention!

Ryan, Weston, Emory and Carter
How cute is this little scene?  This is the reading nook in the Kindergarten classroom where the kids can read once they finish up an activity.  The little boy on the far left is Carter's buddy, Ryan and that is his older brother and younger sister.  They are a great family.  I can't say it enough how thankful I am that Carter chose such great friends this year.  Ryan is exactly who I would have chosen for him, and I feel lucky to be able to help foster their friendship.  His mom is wonderful and we get along great.  Definitely a blessing! 
They were all reading so quietly.  Of course, Kennedy wanted no part of it but was thankfully distracted by a silly Daddy!

Off to the cafeteria to sing a quick song.
"10 Little Speckled Frogs" - sang with all the heart these cute little ones could muster.  I was impressed!  Carter was quite serious about the whole thing, singing and doing all of the hand motions.  My friend was able to snap these few pictures for me, since we were way off to the side.  Thanks Shannon!

"One jumped into the pool" - little fingers acting like jumping frogs.  Cute stuff.
Such a great picture of my two favorite guys!

A sweet boy and his very proud mama.
Love my little man.

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