Friday, March 30, 2012

{a little of this, a little of that}

Sometimes I feel like a broken record...saying the same thing over and over.  And over again.  Our life seems to be extra hectic lately.  I find our weekends often over committed, but they sure are fun.  Exhausting, yes, but so fun!  A couple of weekends back, we had a zinger of a weekend and managed to survive.  I wish I would have snapped more pictures, but I'll just have to recap the fun with words instead.
Saturday morning, I got off work a few minutes early and rushed to meet Kyle and do a quick kid swap in the Starbucks parking lot.  He was helping our dear friends, the Grices, move into their new home.  Thankfully there were a lot of guys helping out, so they were able to get everything loaded and moved in four hours.  We are so excited for Zack and Rachel and their new home!

While Kyle was moving, the kids and I managed to run a couple of errands and then get home, get changed and head off to Carter's baseball practice.  It was cold and wet and not a whole lot of fun.  Also, Kennedy managed to throw a major fit.  So major that I had to put her in the car, strap her into her car seat and leave her there for quite some time.  This nice man walked by my screaming child, locked in the car and muttered "wow.  She has some lungs."  Thanks sir, as if I was not already sufficiently embarrassed.

After practice, we headed home, ate a quick lunch and got ready for Lauren's 4th birthday party.  It was such a fun party, held at a local frozen yogurt shop.  The kids had a blast and both professed their desire to have their next birthdays at Menchees! 

sweet friends

Happy Birthday, Lolo, we love you!

From the birthday party, we rushed back home, grabbed a healthier bite to eat and raced off to church for our small group time.  I always love these couple of hours together and am so thankful for this group of families.  The kids love playing with their friends and Kyle and I get some quality time with quality friends!

I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow!

Sunday was equally as busy and just as much fun.  After church, I said goodbye to Kyle and the kids and headed downtown to meet the girls for our monthly brunch.  Typically we meet at someones home, but this month was a special one - we celebrated Shanda's engagement and Kirstin's 35th birthday - so we went out and tried a great restaurant, Screen Door.  Such amazing food, although be prepared to wait...we waited 2 hours!  Yes, you read that right, 2 hours to be seated.  Thankfully we were with friends and were able to catch up and enjoy our time together.  And the food was worth the wait!

Lindsay, Lisa, Kirstin, Cheri and Shanda. 

The two hour wait for brunch put me a little behind schedule, but I raced down I-5 and was able to meet my dear friend, Ali, at Bridgeport for a quick chat.  She was in town celebrating her dad's 70th birthday and we were fortunate enough to squeeze in a little visit.  She's expecting baby #3, a sweet boy, any day now, so I was so thankful for the chance to see her pregnant again.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Such a treasured friend!
It's amazing how much talking you can pack into an hour - I'm sure we could have easily talked for another 10, but we always cherish the time and laughs we have together.

How cute is my sweet friend?  I adore you, Ali, and am so grateful for our time together!

A few errands later and I was zooming back into downtown where I met up with Diane and Val.  For Christmas I had purchased tickets for us all to see Wicked together.  It's one of my very favorite shows and I was excited to share it with them.  We met for a quick drink at VQ and then headed over for the show.  Oh, it was as wonderful as I had remembered it!  The singing was incredible, sets amazing and the story unforgettable.  It was truly a fabulous way to spend the evening!

A few more random (cute) pictures...
Instead of getting ready for school on Monday morning, Kennedy decided to play dress up instead.  She's in her butterfly costume from Halloween two years ago.  But she was so proud to have gotten dressed all by herself.  I think she was a little bummed that I wouldn't let her wear it to school!
She can be a turkey, but we love her to pieces!  I can't get enough of that smile!

Managed to get dressed and out the door on time!
A small miracle, I assure you.

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