Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun with Cousins!

Stacy and the kids made a trip up to Portland last week and we were lucky enough to see them three different times during their visit.  I'm not sure how it happened, but I didn't snap a single picture of my sweet little niece...sad.  She was sick towards the end of their trip and asleep in the car during our museum visit.  She's so cute and has grown so much and I'm sad I don't have any current pictures to post.

I know I've said it many times before, but I'm so thankful that Kennedy and Carter get to grow up with cousins who are close to them in age.  It's a fun little group of five!

On Saturday, Kyle took the kids and met his sister at the Children's Museum. 

Carter and Bennett in the dig pit - love their coordinating shirts!
Kennedy is such a turkey when it comes to having her picture taken.  Kyle marveled at how well B would pose for pictures.  You had to be quick, but he always looked to the camera and smiled his super cute smile.  He could teach his cousins a thing or two!

All three enjoyed the veterinarian area

In the reading nook
I love B's crossed legs...he's growing up way too fast!

The water room is always a hit

After a few hours at the museum it was on to lunch. 
What a special day!

We headed out to Hillsboro after church on Sunday and the weather was decent so we bundled up the kids and headed to the park.

Before dinner I took the kids out to ride bikes...I am still impressed by how well Carter is doing on two wheels.  He loves it!

The "big" kids
Kennedy, Bennett and Carter

These two are so funny together.  I'm not sure if it's their proximity in age or their strong willed nature, but they argue like crazy.  Today's argument was whether it was "raining" or "sprinkling".  It's hilarious to watch them together. 

There's so much going on with Kennedy's outfit...comfy jammies, rain boots and a winter coat.  Oh Kennedy, you are unique and I love you!  I pray that you always feel confident enough to be just who you want to be.
And not one to be left out, Brady came along for a stroll.  I just love those chubby cheeks!

Such a great smile!  B really loves Carter and was his shadow the entire day.  Carter is quite patient with him, as opposed to how he can be with Kennedy, and they get a long great. 


And here's a cute picture of Baby Sloane, I just couldn't bare the thought of leaving this sweet little one out!  I love that she smiles with her whole face, just like Kennedy did at her age.  She is a doll - so happy and always moving!
{Photo from Stacy's blog}

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