Friday, March 30, 2012

a close call

We had a bit of a scare last week...terrifying to think what could have happened,  but so thankful that we just ended up with a cold, wet Kennedy!

Thursday afternoon, after playing in the snow that morning, we had spent most of the day couped up inside.  It seems like we've been doing a lot of that lately.  So when there was a break in the rain, we decided to go for a walk/ride/scoot around the walking trail.  When we got to the first bridge, the kids asked to play and explore by the creek.  To be honest, I was thrilled just to be outside and I figured we'd wash off any mud once we got home.  Have at it, kids!
Due to the large amount of rain we had been having and all of the melted snow from earlier in the day, the creek was full and rushing forcefully.  In my head I had thought, "I hope they don't fall in," but I was there and felt okay with it.  What started off as a wonderful time of outdoor exploration and play (with Kennedy exclaiming, "this is the best day ever!" ended with my baby falling into the muddy water and quickly rushing downstream.  I was only about 20 feet away, up on the bridge with Jake and I got to her and pulled her out in less than 5 seconds.  But my mind went to that dark place and I thought of children playing by the water unattended and what could have happened.  Even though she's a swimmer, there is no way that Kennedy could have stood up against the force of the water.  She did a great job keeping her head up and didn't seem to panic, though.  I am proud to say that my natural instinct was to act, not freak out (opposite of what I would have thought, to be honest).  The icing on the cold, wet cake was that I had let go of Jake when I took off running into the creek to get Kennedy and the silly dog followed me right in!  Not only did I have a wet, cold little girl, but now a wet, cold, dirty dog.  Great. 
We sloshed back home, each step squishing with wet rain boots, Kennedy crying and telling me she didn't love the creek anymore, didn't want to play outside - ever and that she didn't even want a birthday party.  I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at that point.  Always dramatic, she is.  We made it home, a little wetter but not too worse for wear.  I got her straight into a warm bath and within a few minutes she was fine, not at all traumatized.  I, on the other hand, was a bit shaky for the remainder of the day.

I kind of felt like a terrible mother, as I had her wait for a second in the garage while I snapped a quick picture.  I cannot even imagine how heavy all of her clothes must have felt soaking wet.  And yes, she was outside playing in her pajamas.  Quite the outfit, no?

Oh Kennedy, I have a feeling this might be one of many close calls we have with you.  You are fearless and always want to keep up with the big kids.  I pray you will stay safe.

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  1. Yikes! I'm glad you were so close and that your instinct was to act - a mother bear you are! I know what you mean about being shaky the rest of the day, it's unnerving to think about all the things that could happen to our kids. But getting outside is important and you should not at all beat yourself up for going.