Friday, March 23, 2012

a date with Nana

Nana's visit was a couple of weeks ago, but my mom just sent me a few pictures from her camera that I wanted to share. 
Since Kennedy was sick for the majority of Nana's stay, we weren't able to have our normal fun.  Thankfully by Friday, Kennedy was well enough to venture out of the house for a short time.  Since I was working, Nana thought it would be fun to do something special and she did not disappoint!  The kids had such a wonderful time!
They headed to Build a Bear and came home with great creations, enjoyed frozen yogurt at the mall and then even managed to get a little fresh air playing outside.  Since we had basically been couped up for the entire week, I know it was a nice change of pace for everyone.
Yummy yogurt!

A princess bear, complete with a little laughing sound maker, pink high heels and a crown.
Kennedy loves it!
Sadly, we didn't get pictures of Carter with his stuffy.  He chose to "build" Alvin the chipmunk - he was kind of obsessed after seeing the movie earlier in the week.  But I have to say, he did such a cute job - his noise maker plays "Wild One" and Alvin is wearing shoes with roller skates.
They both love their animals so much, THANK YOU NANA!!!

You can tell by her nose that Kennedy was still on the mend.  She was extra cuddly during Nana's trip and pretty much stuck to her side.  It wasn't too surprising to learn that Nana caught Kennedy's cold after leaving.

A little fresh air is good for everyone!

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