Wednesday, March 7, 2012

little fishes

We just finished up our third consecutive session (fifteen weeks!) of swimming lessions for Carter and Kennedy.  It was a great activity to have during the winter and both kids improved so much! 

 Kennedy has always been a little fish, fearless in the water.  But now she can actually do some strokes (or movements that closely resemble strokes) and float on her back.  She is always in classes with kids who are older than she is, and I'm always so proud of how she does...keeps right up and tries everything that the instructor asks.

 Carter moved up to a level 3 for his last session and learned so much.  He is swimming laps in the pool and doing so great!  His strongest stroke is the back stroke, but he's mastered the crawl and worked on the breast stroke, side stroke, treaded water in a hula hoop (without touching it!) for over a minute and started diving a bit.  I am always so proud when watching Carter swim.  When he started at 3, he was so fearful of the water and now he couldn't be more comfortable...he jumps right in!

 Taking photos of kids swimming was a challenge.  But I really wanted to document this time.

We're taking a little break during the spring, but hopefully we'll do lessons again in the summer.  My kiddos love the water, and I know that swimming is an important skill that they will use all of their lives.  I also love that they were able to get physical activity twice a week during the cold winter months.

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