Monday, November 4, 2013

Kickin' Off Another Soccer Season

Both of the kids are playing soccer again this year.  They have had a ton of fun!
Posing before her first game of the season!

Kennedy and her bff, Lauren
Kennedy is on the Blue Angels, which was the same team that she was on last year (although this year it's not co-ed and her dear friend, Lyla joined too)  It really is such a fabulous team.  The girls have so much fun together and play really well, too.  Nick is a fabulous coach and makes it enjoyable for the girls.  I love that we are friends with all of the other parents ~ it certainly  helps to make the practices and games more fun!

Kennedy did so much better this year.  She was aggressive and always in on the action when she was out on the field.  She usually scored a few goals each game (although towards the end of the season, she went through a bit of dry spell) and most importantly she had so much fun.  All of the girls on her team are so sweet and they all get along really well.  I really hope we can keep them together for the next few years, because they are so much fun to watch!

Lyla, Lexi and Kennedy

Lyla and Kennedy entertaining themselves on the sidelines
Lyla is as sweet as they come and I am so thankful that she was on our team this year.  Since they don't go to the same school anymore, it was a great way to see one another each week.

Going in for a goal!

my little soccer stud, hot and sweaty, after her first game

Kyle stepped up and coached Carter's team, the Strikers, this year.  We knew all of the players on the team except one.  They had a fantastic season and were undefeated until the last game (which they just barely lost, after one of our best players broke his elbow, sadly).
I will be completely honest in admitting that soccer is not Carter's best sport, but he tries hard and seems to have a lot of fun playing.  I'm not sure if he'll play again next year or not, but he's shown a lot of improvement over these four years and I'm really proud of his effort.


showing some fancy foot work
our team really improved with their passing and ball handling skills over the season.  They really worked as a team and tried to get everyone to score each game.  It was fun to watch that team spirit develop as the weeks passed.

Carter scored a few goals during his first game ~ it was a great way to kick off the season!
my boys

can you tell that he loved playing goalie?
this was the first year where there was a designated goalie and some of the boys really didn't like playing that position.  Carter did fairly well but it's a learning curve to learn to use your hands.  Thankfully he wasn't afraid of the ball and managed to make some stops.

Ainsley and Kennedy finding all kinds of things to amuse themselves while their brothers play!

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