Monday, November 4, 2013

Back To School Night

As summer was coming to a close, we were all getting excited to kick off another year of school.  It was a big year for our family, as Kennedy was starting kindergarten!!!  And since we decided to enroll her at Camas Christian Academy, she would be attending school all day long.  It was sure to be a big adjustment for us all.  But she was so very excited and I did my best to be excited with her, despite my fears and bouts of sadness. 
Both kids had Back to School Night on Thursday before Labor Day weekend ~ thankfully Carter's started early, so we were able to attend both without missing anything.
So excited to head off to school, meet their teachers, see friends and drop off supplies.

Carter is getting ready to start 2nd grade...there had been a lot of changes for our district since last year, with a new school opening and a lot of boundaries changing.  Most of his friends from first grade had moved to other schools.  In addition to that, his principal had retired and teachers had moved around too.  He was a little nervous about all the changes.  I am happy to report (seeing as how school has now been in session for over 2 months!) that he's loving 2nd grade and is doing wonderfully!  He struggled a bit with behavior towards the end of last year and we haven't seen any of that this year.  I couldn't be happier!

A large part of his happiness and success is due to his amazing teacher,  Mrs. Hanson.  I had prayed all summer that Carter would be placed in her classroom, as I had heard only wonderful things about her.  Carter and I were both jumping up and down when we opened his letter and saw "Mrs. Hanson" on his class assignment.  She is full of energy, sets super high expectations and has clearly defined boundaries.  She expects a lot from her students and they definitely deliver.  I have the privilege of volunteering every other Thursday and leave each morning so very grateful that she is Carter's teacher.  He is learning a ton, writing better, cruising through math skills and improving on his spelling.  She makes learning fun and provides such a safe and positive classroom environment.  I honestly feel like we hit the teacher jack pot this year.

sorting supplies and getting acquainted with his new classroom
Next it was Kennedy's turn!  She was so very excited to be starting kindergarten this year.  It was a tough decision, but we placed her at a local private school this year.  Her class size is super small (only 12 kids), she attends all day and also gets a hefty dose of Christian education, which we love. 
At this point, I am still on the fence about whether we made the right decision, but she's flourishing and loving school.  She has started to read, recognizing lots of "star" words and her handwriting is improving too.  More than anything, her willingness to learn and accept instruction seems to have improved greatly.
I am very thankful that she is in a safe and loving environment and continue to pray that this year will help set her up for future success.

Kennedy with her teacher, Mrs. Bader

Ready to start kindergarten!!!

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