Thursday, November 21, 2013

Halloween Fun

Holidays are always a fun excuse to put together a little something for the kiddos.  
At the start of October, after putting out all of our Halloween decorations, I left these treat baskets for the kids when they got home.
Nothing too extravagant, just lots of little fun things.

The Little Mermaid came out, so that had to go into Kennedy's basket.  Arial is Kennedy's favorite princess and we had borrowed the movie a few times, but I knew she would love having a copy of her own.

a little treat, a fun shirt, a movie for Carter, new books

They were excited to dig in but nicely posed for a picture before they got started!

Sharing their excitement!

I love these smiles

And one morning we woke up and had been "boo-ed"!  The kids were thrilled and had a ton of fun trying to guess who possibly could have left the bucket of treats.  We enjoyed delicious pumpkin cookies, yummy treats and... 


The best part of getting boo-ed is getting to put together our own treat buckets and then going out into the night to secretly deliver them.  
We were super secret spies!

I was cracking up at their attempts to be stealth...they wouldn't make very good spies at this point.  Kennedy was laughing so loud!  I am shocked that we weren't spotted!

you couldn't contain their excitement!
Such a fun Halloween tradition!

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