Sunday, November 10, 2013


The circus rolled into town and a friend of ours got a group together to go see a performance.  I had never been to the circus before, so I was excited to experience it with the kids.  
my little clowns

Before the show started, the performance area was open to the audience so that you could see the animals, walk on the tight rope and see other props that would be used in the show.

a little pre-show performance ~ the view from atop Daddy's shoulders can't be beat!

Kennedy and her friend Marisa
I think there were almost 60 people in our group, most of them friends from preschool.  It was so fun to get together and watch the kids' excitement for the show.

the elephants were pretty impressive
(it was a little hard for me to watch the animals perform ~ I have a very soft spot in my heart for animals and I couldn't help but wonder how they were treated and what kind of life they had)
The jugglers, clowns, acrobats, etc. were very entertaining, however.

Definitely a fun day at the circus!

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