Thursday, November 21, 2013

CCA Fun Run

Kennedy's school hosted a fall "fun run" fundraiser and parents were encouraged to come and cheer on the students.  Unfortunately the September rains continued and the run had to be moved inside the sanctuary.  The school and volunteers did a good job making accommodations and the kids had a blast!  

Mrs. Bader and Kennedy's kindergarten class

my little racer was ready to run!

Kennedy did an amazing job and finished over 40 laps!
She ran nearly the entire time...

except when she would take water breaks.
Which was nearly each and every time that she completed a lap.  Kyle and I finally had to tell her to stop, because we were worried that she was going to get sick!  
But those little Dixie cups are so much fun!

Daddy joined her for a few of the final laps to give her a little motivation...way to go Sister!

whew, running is hard work!

Mrs. Bader presenting Kennedy with her medal

Kennedy was so proud of her medal and it's now hanging proudly from her bed post.
As much as I dislike fundraising (as it seems like one of the kids is always doing something!), it was really fun to see the kids get excited and running.  The teachers did a great job about stressing the importance of staying healthy through exercise.  
It was a fun activity to watch and we were so proud of how hard Kennedy ran!

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