Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Adventure ~ Seattle

For Kennedy's birthday, we made a special trip up to Seattle.  We kind of had to squeeze it in between kindergarten camp, a friend's birthday and work, but we did our very best to make the most out of our two days.

Packed and ready for our adventure!
We drove up to Seattle on Kennedy's birthday, so we were able to swim at the hotel,
*funny side note ~ kids are so easy to please!  Our two star Best Western was easily the 'best' hotel because it had a swimming pool and breakfast in the morning.  The children were thrilled!*
and enjoyed a fun birthday dinner at Red Robin with one of my sweet friends from college, Andrea.  She has two kiddos close in age to Carter and Kennedy, so that made our dinner really fun.  It's always wonderful to see friends, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to spend time Byrd.
the birthday girl enjoyed her ice cream sundae...didn't love the singing this year, though.  She tried to bury herself in my lab as the waitstaff sang!

Happy 5th birthday, Kennedy!
I love you!

Andrea and I and our crew
Brock, Reagan, Andrea, Kennedy, me and Carter

hotel pools are the best!
Carter and Kennedy were in heaven ~ an hour in the pool after a long drive was the perfect way to end the afternoon!

my little fish

After our time at the American Girl store, we headed into downtown Seattle to see some of the sights.  It was a gorgeous day, and I wish we would have had more time to explore and see things.
Our parking garage had a great view of the bay!
then it was off to the Space Needle!
We had fun playing tourist, exploring the area around the Space Needle and then going up...
I'm pretty sure the kids thought it was going to be a bit more exciting (maybe more like a roller coaster?).  After paying a small fortune, they were ready to go in about 5 minutes.  We dragged it out and tried to explore for as long as we could, trying to make it worth our effort.

the telescopes were fun!

it was a gorgeous day, so the views of the city, Elliot Bay, Lake Washington, etc. were amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time high above the ground!

Kennedy just wanted to play!

Thank you, Nana, for helping to make our little adventure so much fun!

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