Monday, September 16, 2013

birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays

Summer is a super busy birthday season for us...besides Kennedy's and mine, the kids have a lot of friends who also celebrate summer birthdays.  In the span of two weeks, we attended five different parties, plus a few more throughout the summer.  I wasn't able to get pictures every time, but these fun parties are definitely worth remembering!
Brevin shares a birthday with Kennedy, so Shannon and I always make sure that we plan different days for the celebrations.  Brevin's was a Star Wars themed bash held at Blue Lake Park ~ and it was so much fun!  The boys had a blast.  Unfortunately, we were headed up to Seattle that afternoon, so we weren't able to stay at play for as long as we would have liked.

All the Jedis ready for their training missions...they made their own light sabers and Shannon's mom made them all robes.  It was so cute to watch them all have so much fun!

Attacking the Dark Star pinata!

Emery and Kennedy enjoyed a little girl time together!
Next up was Ainsley's Rapunzel party
The girls donned princess dresses and had so much fun playing in the back yard.  It was a perfect day for an outdoor party and Heather had lots of cute stuff for the girls to do and fun games to play.
They started by painting a canvas with their initial on it

lots of time to play...

A super fun game where partners wrapped each other up with streamers...

Lauren and Kenned did great ~ it was hilarious to watch! 

The whole party

and the birthday girl.
Happy 5th birthday, Ainsley!
The following day was Emery's princess party at the park

Kennedy was thrilled to start off by crafting crowns and wands

There was a princess castle bounce house and a fun pinata.
Emery is such a sweet girl and we love her very much!
Happy 4th birthday, Em!
Unfortunately we were out of town and missed Andrew's 8th birthday celebration. I felt terrible about missing his party and wanted to do something special just for him.  Carter suggested Chuck E Cheese, and I knew Andrew really liked going there, so we had a fun afternoon together celebrating Andrew!
on our way
Andrew is one of the sweetest boys I know ~ he has a heart of gold and is such a dear.  I love him to pieces.  A cute story from the day - Kathy had given Andrew a little money to buy tokens.  I insisted he didn't need it, and that he could bring it back home,  I was happy to buy him as many tokens as they needed.  I could tell he was conflicted ~ his mama told him to use it, and I was telling him to save it!  Bless his heart, he snuck over to the token machine instead of asking me for more.  AND he shared with Carter and Kennedy.  Such a good and thoughtful friend! 
The boys had fun playing a ton of games and collecting an insane amount of tickets (which still only afforded them penny items from the prize case!).
Dancing with Chuck E for tickets ~ it's serious business!
Kennedy's friend from preschool, Cohen, celebrated his fifth birthday, along with his brother Henry, at the Firstenburg pool.  It was such a fun party and a great way to spend the afternoon.  The Butlers were sweet enough to include families, so Carter got to come too!

Kennedy was thrilled to be swimming with her friends from preschool!

Carter had a blast, too!

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  1. Andrew had such a wonderful time at Chuck E Cheese. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy summer to make him feel special. It meant a lot to him (and me!) We missed you at his party but completely understand how busy summers go!