Thursday, September 19, 2013

camping ~ Phelan style

Really, in all honesty, this post should be titled "Camping, Mama style!"  I firming believe that I am the only member of my family who wouldn't enjoy a good ol' fashion camping trip.  I just don't love camping (dirt, public bathrooms, etc.), so I came up with a creative alternative.  We camped in our own backyard.  Genius.
The kids loved it! 
We set up our tent, had a fire and roasted marshmallows and slept the night away under the stars.  (And I can now add another not-so-favorite thing about camping to the list...the ground was really hard.  And as my previous post stated, I am getting old...And it really hurt to sleep on the ground all night long...Even on an air mattress.  Oy vey!)
The kids were so excited to set up the tent!  And I must say it's so much easier to do in grass as opposed to dirt!

Building a fire with supplies from our recycling bin

Ready for our outdoor movie night and fire!

We watched "Wreck It Ralph" and pretended that we were roughing it.

The kids wanted to "camp" for two nights, so the first night Kyle camped with them on his own.  I had worked the night before and had been up for 24+ hours...I good nights sleep in my own bed made for a much happier mommy.

Day #2 of our camping adventure ~ we really played the part ~ the kids were dirty, we BBQ-ed hot dogs and roasted s'mores.  No movie tonight, just good ol' outdoor fun!

Our next door neighbors joined us for s'mores ~ it's serious business getting those marshmallows just right.

Night #2 had us all sleeping in the tent.  We were up many times throughout the night and I woke up feeling less rested than when I went to bed.  But the kids had a ball and I really did love our little camping adventure.  Maybe we'll dare to go to an actual camp ground next year!

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  1. I think this is a great way to give camping a try and see if it works for you/the kids before you're out really "roughing it"! :) I've been wanting to try camping with the kids too ~ they are at the perfect age!