Thursday, September 19, 2013

One berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry!

Each summer we go berry picking and we have so much fun doing it.  Usually we head out to Sauvie's Island with friends and spend the day picking all types of berries.  We weren't able to fit that in this summer, but we did have a fun afternoon out at a local farm picking blue berries.  And Kyle was able to join us, so that was even better!  This farm was small and cute and worked entirely on the honor system, which I loved.  There was a little box to place our money once we were done and that was that.  There were also animals for the kids to look at and lovely grounds to explore.  Such a fun way to spend a few hours, we'll definitely be going back again next year!
We were headed out on vacation the next day, so we wanted to pick a few pounds for each of our hostesses as a little gift.  The kids were picking machines and manged to collect over six pounds of blueberries...and then we left them at home! It was a nice thought and we had a ton of fun and we were able to enjoy the berries when we returned home from our trip.
Ready to get picking!

There weren't a ton of plants, but plenty for the four of us to pick from.  We were the only people there, and it was such a relaxing spot.
"look, Mama!  I found a good one!"

my sweet boy
of course I wanted to take a few pictures with the unique backgrounds but no one was super cooperative.  I managed to get a few, with forced smiles, of course!

How cute is this? 
Such a charming little farm!

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