Monday, September 23, 2013

bye bye training wheels!

Our fearless little one wanted so badly to take off her training wheels and ride like the big kids.  (Being the youngest on our street can be hard sometimes!)  She started off with riding in the grass at  the park, which gave her a sense of safety, although I think it was much harder to pedal that way, and then quickly graduated to riding all over the place!  I had such a hard time watching her, because she'd just go so fast, without any fear to slow her down!  She had a few tumbles, but nothing too major...bloodied knees and skinned up hands, but the falls didn't slow her down much.

She's off and riding and having a ball! 
We are so proud of you, Kennedy!  Even if that fearless nature scares me to death, I love that you are willing to try and to pick yourself up after a fall.  I pray that you hold on to that determination and adventurous spirit, for it will serve you well.

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