Friday, December 14, 2012

turkey bowl

First Annual Turkey Bowl

Our youth pastor, Matt, organized a flag football game the weekend after Thanksgiving.  He encouraged "kids" of all ages to come and play, a time for fun and a connection with our church family.  Well, to say Carter was excited would be a huge understatement - he was pumped!  He wanted to play quarterback and score lots of touch downs.  He wanted to run pass patterns that he constantly practices with Daddy.  He wanted to be a real football player.
Thankfully the weather was decent and a large group showed up to participate.  I stayed home to prepare for our celebration later in the day, so sadly I missed my boy's excitement and determination on the field. 
What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Our little football player

Kyle was sporting his Shrine Bowl jersey from high school and said he was a bit sore after the game.
Carter said he felt great


and dads

Carter got in on the action.  I think he played one play at quarterback (he was sad not to do more) but was intense during the game.

Fun times!

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