Tuesday, December 18, 2012

North Pole Breakfast ~ 2012 ~ Elf Magic

Our elf, Frisbee, arrived on the first Sunday of Advent and we celebrated with our annual North Pole Breakfast.  I love this little tradition...I love to see the excitement on the kids' faces and feel the magic in the air.  
I have a feeling that Carter kind of realizes that this whole thing isn't "magic" but he wants to believe, he wants to have fun and enjoy the magic of this season.  I know these special times won't be magical forever, so I try to savor each and every moment of joy filled faces and magical innocence.
I found some cute printables online this year and went with an "elf magic" theme.  It was fun to pull together, as I just rummaged around and tried to reuse things that I already had.
It was a sugar filled, fun and special morning.

Frisbee wrote each of the children a little letter...he outlined his expectations for good behavior and also reminded them of the true meaning of Christmas.

Frisbee was our guest of honor

I was able to re-purpose several decorations from Kennedy's birth day party - saved time and money and the table still looked cute.

sugar, sugar...

and more sugar!

and still more sugar! 
It is definitely not a healthy breakfast!

Carter and Kennedy ran down so excited in the morning.
Carter knew what was coming, so he was up several times throughout the night (at one point, I think it was around 2:00am, he was just in his room with his light on reading a book!)..he was so excited, he just couldn't sleep!

love the look of anticipation on his sweet face

Carter went right for the presents
Frisbee always brings an ornament and a Christmas book or two.

Kennedy was a little more patient about diving right into things

Disneyland ornaments this year

Kennedy was amazed that Frisbee was at Disneyland too!

Such a wonderful way to kick off the festive Christmas season!
Happy North Pole Breakfast, kiddos!

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