Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving ~ 2012

We had a fun Thanksgiving this started out with a quiet morning at home, it was so nice to have slow start to the day with all four of us together.  It just doesn't happen much any more.
We headed to Kyle's aunt's house for dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal with Kyle's family.  The Simons were in town for Thanksgiving this year, so we enjoyed lots of quality time with them over the break.  It's always so fun to see all five cousins together.  I love watching them grow and change and really become friends.
Kennedy and Auntie Stacy had fun doing "stickers" ~ Grandma bought Kennedy a new Pinkalicious sticker book and she loved it!

Our family ~ guess this is what it would like like if we had another child :) 
I love that Bennett wanted to be in our picture too.  He's such a sweet boy and loves being with Carter.  Their little friendship is so sweet.

Our attempts at getting all five cousins together for pictures weren't hugely successful this trip. 
We headed to Yuen Lui for our annual cousin photo shoot on Wednesday and then tried again on Thursday and Sunday.  I'm not sure that we ever succeeded in getting a good picture of all five.  Guess there's always next year!

And this is what I'm up against when trying to get a picture of my two littles. 
I typically will get a good smile from one and a silly face or turned head or "cheese" face or eyes not looking at the camera or...someday they might thank me for taking their picture, but at this point they don't appreciate it!

Almost...if I could just photo shop Kennedy's smile from the first picture into this cute one of Carter, it would be a great picture.

And this is how we ended the night ~ wrestling with Daddy.  I'm not sure Peg will want our craziness back for awhile.  Five kids, six and under, can cause quite a ruckus!

On Thanksgiving this year, I was especially grateful for a healthy family and good employment.  We have seen friends struggle with job security, and I feel so blessed to have weathered this national crisis with two jobs in tact.  We are so fortunate!

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