Monday, December 31, 2012

Crazy 8's

We ended a great basketball season the weekend before Christmas break.  It was such a fun group of boys, many of whom are in our small group or attend school with Carter.  Kyle did a wonderful job coaching them, he's so positive and really tried to help the boys improve.  And improve they did!  What a difference from the first game to the last.  They were dribbling well, shooting more accurately and trying to pass (a little...a very little bit in Carter's case)  All eight boys scored at least once and they seemed to have a wonderful time, which is what's important at this age.
Carter loved the season ~ he loved playing with his friends and I think he really liked being good.  He was confident and shot the ball well.  Kyle was really trying to get him to pass more but would usually just pull him out of the game so that the other boys would have a turn at shooting.  I think he would have played every minute of every game if he could have - he really loved it.

Andrew, Samuel, Lucas, Bryce, Asher, Carter and Andrew

Crazy 8's was an appropriate team name

and here is how the girls spent the games, coloring and playing

After the game we snapped another quick photo because Ben arrived a little late and missed the first ones.
What a great season, boys, good work!

Donuts and trophies after the game (and Starbucks for the parents) - easy and fun.
I have to say I really enjoyed basketball too.  It was fun to watch Carter do well and I loved that the games were indoors, so we were warm and that there weren't extra practices throughout the week.  It was fun and easy, which is my kind of sport!

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