Saturday, December 15, 2012

an early Christmas celebration

We celebrated Christmas a little early this year...since Stacy, Justin and the kids are not coming up for Christmas, we decided to have a little celebration after Thanksgiving.  This way the kids could open their presents and enjoy them all month before they get more - perfect!  But even better was having everyone together for a fun, relaxed evening.  The kids love being together and it's a gift to watch them play and have fun together.

Sloane had fun exploring all of Kennedy's stuff - here she is at the art table.
She is such a doll ~ so full of spunk and personality, not to mention seriously adorable!

Bennett, Sloane and Brady banging playing the piano.  Our house was definitely louder!
Presents before dinner
my two littles

four out of five
Our attempts at pictures with all five cousins were laughable.  We attempted to get professional ones taken, too - I think there might have been three to choose from.

Even strapping Sloane into a chair couldn't contain her!

Present time!
A few books for B

Don't think Brady liked his little suitcase much - what a face!

Kennedy, however, was thrilled!

And Carter was pumped!
#1 and #2 in the Harry Potter series (we had borrowed them from a friend when we read them, and Carter really wanted the complete set.  Thank you Auntie!)

Princess Ariel and and fairy movie

A Lego set for Bennett

Another Nerf blaster for Carter

Cute little owl backpack and lunch bag for Sloane

And then the real fun began...

dancing, singing, guitar playing...things were about to get crazy!

one must play the guitar without a shirt naturally

some serious dance moves

Brady got in on things too

Uh oh, sweet Sloane lost her shirt, too!

Carter and B
such good buddies
Bennett wanted to do everything just like Carter, it was sweet to watch his adoration.  When he was home he told his Grandma Michelle that he can eat the crusts of his sandwiches now, because Carter eats his crusts.  I'm thankful Carter was influencing good habits :)
Love these little ones!

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  1. Such a fun night! It gets better and better every year with these little turkies. Thank you again for hosting a wonderful early Xmas celebration! :)