Saturday, December 22, 2012

Calling all Super Heros

Gracie's 5th birthday was a fun superhero themed party and Kennedy was thrilled to be invited.
Of course when we arrived, she was shy and reserved but she perked up and had a wonderful time playing with her friends.
It was such a fun theme and Shannon did an awesome job and made everything look darling.
Gracie looked so happy throughout the party and everyone had a great time!

Customized coloring sheets were up first - such a good idea!

Gracie had an old pink cape (and pink just isn't her color), mask and gloves that she let Kennedy borrow.
A much better option than Carter's "C" superman cape.
My girl loves all things pink!

Pinning the mask on the super girl!

Such a cute crew of kids...and so sweet too.

Pinanta time!
I gave Shannon a few pointers on making the pinanta and suggested using a lot of duct tape so that it wouldn't break easily (ours only made it through two boys at Carter's Lego party).  Guess she made it a little too well, because we went through the line three times and still couldn't manage to break it open!

Kennedy had a few good hits

Gracie and Kennedy

Kaitlin, Gracie and Kennedy
time for cake!

I love this picture of Shannon and Gracie
Such a sweet girl, filled with joy on her special day!

Hard to believe our youngest ones are turning five,
Happy Birthday, Gracie!

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