Friday, December 21, 2012

a little bit of life, December edition

Whew, December has been one busy month!
  I feel like I need to go to work to catch my breath, but then I get home and am even more tired.  Thankfully the things that have been keeping us busy have been a lot of fun.  We've managed to do a lot of fun, festive Christmas activities (which I will hopefully get around to blogging about before 2013!)  I am trying in earnest to keep up with this online journal of our lives, so in keeping with that effort, I am combining lots of little memories into this one post ~ a December overview!

I just had to snap a quick picture of our guest room...this is pretty much how it's looked over the last couple of months.  Between planning the retirement party at church, shopping and stashing Christmas gifts and trying to maintain some semblance of cleanliness throughout the rest of our home, this is how our spare room ended up looking.  It's a little representative of how I feel about life at times...I try real hard to "appear" composed, pretty and put together but often feel like giant mess, in reality!
Thankfully we had guests who were planning on staying with us, so that was motivation enough to get this room into shape.  I can breath a little easier now that it's finally organized.  It felt great to purge and just toss a lot of stuff.  I hope to do more of that in the upcoming weeks.

Carter worked on his first school project ~ he had to make a poster board of his family's traditions.
I tried hard to offer little advice (which was really hard at times!) and let him determine how he wanted his poster to look.  It wasn't nearly as flashy as I would have made it, but he was proud of it and I thought it looked great.  He was excited to share the pictures that he had chosen with his classmates.
(Sadly, I didn't think to take a picture of him with his finished project)

Oh Jakey
My poor dog humors me most of the time, but he was not happy about his candy cane headband.
He's turning 9 at the end of the month...and he's really starting to show his age with that grey beard and those droopy eyes.

Kennedy had great fun playing with our nativity scene before we placed it onto the mantel

Our little one got a quick stomach bug and spent an entire day throwing up...she wouldn't hear of waiting to get our Christmas tree, though, so 12 hours later she was outside hunting for the perfect tree!
Dressing up for Christmas is so much fun!
a quick photo shoot was in order before we left for church

such a handsome little guy

seeing these pictures makes me a little sad ~ Kennedy got a little crazy with the markers during Sunday school and ruined her dress.  It was one of my very favorites of the season and one that I had planned for her to wear on Christmas...I tried everything and there's still a faint pink smear, right in front. 
All markers meant for children should be washable!!!

Such a sweet picture

Our annual Linfield girls brunch and book exchange
I love hosting this each year and really look forward to it as a way to kick off the Christmas festivities.
This year we adopted two children in need, a brother and sister who often don't have enough to eat and are sleeping on couches (breaks my heart to even think about it), and went crazy making their Christmas special.  It was so fun buying for a child who I knew had next to nothing.  Knowing that a new coat or a pack of socks would be greatly appreciated.  We were able to give lots of clothes, books and toys and hope that they will have a merry Christmas, indeed.  I love that we do this each year and I love this group of ladies ~ generous and loving hearts!

Happy birthday, Papa!
My father-in-law is a special guy ~ a wonderful papa, a great dad and just overall a good man.  He is generous with his time and loves his family very much. 
We are lucky to have him!

Fun times with Papa

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