Friday, February 10, 2012

Preschool Pajama Day

It's the simple things really, like getting to wear your jammies to school.

Kennedy had PJ day at school a couple of weeks ago.  It is always such a fun day for the kids...Miss Laura, Kennedy's wonderful teacher, pretended to be asleep when the kids entered the classroom.  It was so funny to watch the confused expressions and to see how each reacted differently.  Some 'hushed' the crowd, so that they wouldn't wake her up.  Others wanted to poke or prod her awake.  Kennedy was kind of scared and just hid behind my leg...a fun way to start the day.

For snack time the kids were served 'breakfast' by the parents. 
Kennedy was thrilled that she got to eat 2 breakfasts that day! What a special treat.
I found these cute cherry pjs and just couldn't resist.
Oh how I wish my kids would smile naturally on command!  Most of the time she looks frightened or grimaced...I just wanted to document the day.

"recess" time
playing with Lyla

Gumdrop Class
(Thanks to my friend, Shannon, for snapping a few pictures during gym time)

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