Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before & After

Anyone with a home (at least anyone with a home that's not quite yet their dream home) can understand that there is always a list, a long list, of things that can be fixed, changed or updated.  Our list is long and we've been checking things off for the last five years.  Unfortunately, new things are added all the time.
But this particular task on our "to do" list should have been one we changed right when we moved in!  I had never liked the light fixture hanging in our entry way.  Our house was built in the mid nineties, and it was the last bit of brass left in the place.  And to top it off, the glass was getting so dusty, but since it was so high up we didn't have a way of easily cleaning it.
It was time for it to go...
 Here's that charming piece of brass and glass.  Ugh.

And here is the new fixture that we found a few months ago.  Not the best picture, but let me assure you it is an improvement.  It's simple and neutral and doesn't have an ounce of brass any where on it.
We found it for a steal and had an electrician come out to hang it.  It was up in an hour and each time I turn on our foyer lights, I am thankful that we finally decided to cross this off our home improvement list.
Now onto the family room.  And kitchen.  Our master bedroom could use a face lift, too.  And so the list continues!


  1. It looks lovely!! I think we all have that "list." :)

  2. I'm laughing because we have the exact light fixture in our new house and I'm wondering how in the world I'm going to clean it (it's covered in dust)! Afraid it will likely take us 5 years to get it changed out too! I love the look of your new one.