Sunday, February 19, 2012

ballerina birthday

Last weekend Kennedy and I had the pleasure of attending her friend, Kaitlin's, 4th birthday party.  Kaitlin's mom, Kathy, has become a dear friend and I just had to share some pictures from the amazing party that she put together.
Kathy has a gift - every detail was perfect, all the little girls had a wonderful time and Kaitlin was nearly bursting with joy.
It was a wonderful celebration!
 The cake. 
I have to say this is probably the most impressive cake I've ever seen.  And it was all homemade.  Incredible! And it was delicious, too.
 The dining room was set up so nicely for dessert

 The treat table and gift bags.
Kathy makes a picture banner each year for each of her children's birthdays.  I love the idea and will hopefully start that tradition this year, as well.  It was so fun to see how much Kaitlin grew and changed over the year.

 This was such a great party for little girls.  They started with coloring ballet pages and then moved on to decorating ballet slipper sugar cookies.  I was amazed at how quiet and focused they all were.  I kept thinking that if this activity had been done with boys...there would have been frosting and sprinkles everywhere!
 Grace, Kennedy, Audrey and Claire
These sweet girls are all part of our small group at church.  We joined up this fall and it has been such a great experience.  I love that the kids are getting to be part of such wonderful families!

 Classic Kennedy
Once her cookie was sufficiently decorated, she dove right in and started chowing down.  Everyone else saved theirs in little bags to take home.  Thankfully she just managed to eat half and we saved the rest!

 Kathy {party planner extrodianare} and the birthday girl, Kaitlin
Happy 4th birthday, Katie!

All of the girls, dressed in pink and looking so cute

 My little frowny face, love you Sister
 Again the treat table proved too much of a temptation for Miss K.  After filling her goodie bag, she was diving in before we even got off the front porch!  Talk about a sugar high!
Aren't these marshmallow treats so cute?!?

It really was an amazing party!

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  1. Kennedy pulled out a happy smile for that marshmallow wand! :)

    I'm so glad you & Kyle joined our small group ~ it feels as though you've been with us all along.

    And thank you for all the sweet comments...we were so happy that you & Kennedy could join us. It was wonderful having you there! I think I had just as much fun as Kaitlin with the great group of moms! :)