Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

I'm a birthday kind of gal.  Love them, really.  They are days to make one feel special, honored, loved, treasured.  As a child, I remember counting the weeks, days, hours until my birthday arrived.  Now, in my old(er) age, I have transferred the love of my birthday to a love of the days to celebrate my family.  In fact, I could probably do without my own birthday, but on the three special days a year when I have the opportunity to celebrate the loves of my life, I like to go all out.  I know people may look at the kids' birthday parties and think they are excessive, and they would be right, but I do it all out of love and a desire to make their special day the best it can be.  It's my way of giving love.

It was Kyle's birthday last week, and I had been talking it up to the kids, hoping to transfer my birthday obsession to them, I think.  I also hope to instill in them a desire to make others happy.  I can see it happening, and it makes me proud.  Carter's little buddy at church told him that his family gets breakfast in bed on their birthdays, so a new tradition was born in our home.  Carter thought that was about the coolest idea ever and has already started planning the menu for his day.
So this is how our morning began...
(we celebrated a day early)
Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are one of Kyle's most favorite things.  They usually are reserved for Christmas morning, but Carter and I agreed that a birthday breakfast deserved an extra sweet treat! (And thanks to Costco, they are now easier and cheaper to find!) If I would have been thinking I would have purchased real bacon, not the turkey kind that I think is 100 times better.  Next year, honey.  And coffee made by someone else just tastes a little better, doesn't it?
Kyle was going on just a few hours of sleep, even though I got up with the kids at the crack of dawn.  He was out with a friend the night before and looks a little sleepier than usual.  But I just had to include this picture...can't you feel Carter's happiness?  He got so much joy out of helping me prepare breakfast and then surprising Daddy and serving him in bed.
Kyle's birthday always falls around the Superbowl and it did again this year. 
(Kennedy is in a cheerleader costume because of the game) 
So after going to church, we came home, changed into comfy cozies and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing day with our family.  A few presents, chips, salsa and guacamole for the game, pizza for dinner - it was a day of unhealthy eating but a very happy family celebration!
On Kyle's actual birthday, we headed to Outback for dinner.  
My boys...couldn't love them any more!
And then it was home for dessert.  My newest obsessions is pinterest and I found a few treats that I thought Kyle might enjoy.  He chose a Twix trifle with a salted caramel mousse, fudge sauce, whip cream and Twix.  It was so rich but really tasty.  I was just happy that it turned out.

You know, my husband is a pretty amazing guy.  Not only is he kind and gentle to me, but he is the best father that any child could hope for...he plays with the kids in such a great way, all physical and rowdy like.  Definitely not the way that Mom plays.  Carter and Kennedy adore their dad.  He's the fun one, always ready to throw a ball or go on a bike ride.  He's getting better at changing his voice when he reads stories and never turns down the chance to chase and run.  He's the best at hide-and-seek.  But beyond the amazing things he does as a father, he is a fabulous partner.  He's patient...beyond patient at times.  He's loves me in spite of my craziness, often staying up late or sacrificing his free time to help me pull together last minute details of a party or activity for the kids.  He's getting really skilled at making birthday banners, in fact.  He's a pro with the circle cutter!  He gives compliments and always makes me feel beautiful.  I never question his love, and that is a treasure that I hold to tightly.  His desire to grow in faith is such an inspiring quality...I love that he seeks to be the spiritual leader of our family.  He is a strong man, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Kyle works so hard to provide for our family.  He is driven to do better, be better in all things and that is admirable.  He is dependable.  Loyal.  Honest.  Hardworking.  Beyond all, he is loving.  I am lucky.  Lucky to call him my husband, lucky to have him by my side in this crazy journey of life.  Lucky to be able to celebrate all of his specialness on his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kyle, I love you!

Birthday celebration #2
The following weekend, we got together with Kyle's family to celebrate again.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch at PF Changs and then Ken and Diane graciously babysat so Kyle and I could catch a movie.  It was a great extension of Kyle's birthday!
                               Carter and Papa at lunch, aren't they cute? 

The whole gang -
we had a nice table that was somewhat secluded, perfect for our noisy bunch!


  1. Love this Katie. I feel equally as lucky to have Sean in my life and your words speak it so perfectly. Happy Birthday to Kyle! You inspire me to be a better birthday planner!

  2. This is a wonderful post, Katie! I love your honest, complimenting words about Kyle, I hope he gets to read them too!

  3. Sounds like a perfect celebration to me! The dessert sounds right up my alley! :) I'm glad you had a seet family celebration. You & Kyle are equally blessed with one another. Happy Birthday to Kyle!